Want To Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees By 90%?

How does this program work.

Benefits of Implementing Cash Discount Program

PayLo’s patented technology that allows merchants to apply a small customer service charge to each sale they make, offsetting their credit card processing costs. 

The PayLo Cash Discount software is installed on our payment terminal and encourages customers to pay with cash. If a payment is made with cash, a discount is automatically applied to the sale amount and eliminates the customer service charge.

The PayLo Cash Discount software automatically determines all discount amounts and actions based on payment type. 







Free EMV terminal placement

30 Day Free Trail

No set up fees

No long term contracts

Only complaint cash discount program available

How Much Can You Save

“I haven’t experienced any push back at all from my customers and I especially like the fact that I’m not having to pay heavy credit card fees every month.”  John Baker

“So far so good, I am offering the cash discount most customers just want to go a head and use the card. They are fine with the costs. I have not had anyone complain and it has been a huge savings for me”     Sam Bradford

The Credit Card Processing Landscape is Changing and Merchant Are Getting Onboard

Will it work for your business

Word is spreading. Thousands of merchants across the US and Canada are daring to be different and saving money. Here are just a few types of organizations using PayLo today:

Hair and Nail Salon

Convenient Stores

Take out and delievery

What Will Your Customers Say?

PayLo is based on transparency and communication to the customer. Clearly placed signage lets your customers know there is a service fee for all the products or services you sell, with a cash discount for them if they opt out of using a credit card. The cost of business is going up for everyone, and most customers understand what this means for small businesses – they have to get creative with saving money. From delivery fees to charging for plastic bags, sharing the burden of doing business has become commonplace in today.

The Understanding Customer
Easily accept the cost of doing business and understand using a credit card means fees for them. (Most customers fit this category).

The Questioning Customer
Inquires about the service fee, and may ask for more information. SignaPay supports merchants in providing answers and explainations.

The Upset Customer
Typically, this customer is upset already and wants to vent. This percentage is usually extremly small. (.001% of your total overall sales).