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We can boldly claim that there is not a single business owner in the world who hasn’t fretted over card processing fees. Entrepreneurs have made peace with seeing thousands of dollars getting taken out of their sales as a fee for processing cashless transactions.

What if we tell you that you can ELIMINATE all of the merchant processing fees? We can hear you start to say, too good to be true. Hold that thought while we explain to you what the famed Cash Discount Program is and how immensely it can help your business.

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Changing Tides

As cashless transactions have picked up the pace and are being primarily preferred over cash, merchant service providers have attempted to reduce the credit card transaction expense by offering:

  • Cost-effective merchant accounts with reduced merchant processing rates 
  • A Flat Percentage 
  • A Flat Monthly Fee

These offers have been tempting to merchants for years, but they always fail as the merchant will still be paying ever-increasing fees to accept cards. In contrast, a Cash Discount Program can get rid of the cost altogether. Similar but technically different from a surcharge program, our strategy allows businesses to eliminate the expense of merchant transaction fees when customers are making purchases with credit cards. Our FREE credit card processing terminals will automatically calculate the transaction cost and pass the transaction fee to the customer.  

Our program allows your business to charge a fee that will completely offset the additional transaction cost associated with a customer’s credit card purchase. You can expect profit margins to increase based on the same revenue, especially if, like most businesses, you have few cash customers and most sales are credit or debit card transactions.

Cash Discount Program

Our carefully devised program offers businesses a compliant way to pass the burden of processing fees onto the buyer. No strings attached. 

Hypothetically, if your business processes $100,000 per month in credit card transactions, with the Cash Discount Program you can save up to $42,000 per year in merchant fees, with $0 investment to get started. We empower your business with the ability to accept all credit card brands at the lowest rates possible.

By offering the highest quality of payment solutions, including POS equipment, we have become the go-to leader of the credit card processing and merchant service industry. We have amassed a long list of happy clients who are enjoying running a business without worrying about a significant part of overhead that can be avoided.

Here’s what you will get while working with us:

  • Knowledgeable and highly responsive customer service. 
  • Trustworthy and transparent dealings.
  • Ease of use
  • Save time and money 
  • Reliability 
  • No setup costs
  • 100% complaints in all 50 states
  • Mutual respect between customers, merchants, and our team.
  • Integrity
  • Up and running in all of the USA. 

We understand that you deserve to take home 100% of your sale proceeds after working hard and building your business from the ground up. The best part is that our clients get to process credit cards as normal without paying the customary transaction fees and get paid the next business day, with top-notch customer service.

Cancel anytime you’d like, with no risk or obligation. 

Eliminate the cost of credit card processing fees and simplify every debit or credit card transaction by enrolling in a compliant cash discount program or surcharge program. Our team will work with you to identify your needs and figure out a solution to help you slash the cost of burdensome credit card fees. 

Because we are flexible, innovative, and incorporate the latest technology, we put your business ahead of the curve and make you more competitive. Even if you are a high-risk merchant account, we have solutions for you that will improve your business processes. To get started, contact a Cash Discount Program representative today to learn how you can reduce your credit card processing fees to zero dollars or little to no cost.

I’m In; What Are the Options Available to Me?

With the help of a cash discount program, credit card processing fees for purchases can be reduced to zero or a bare minimum cost. We work with all credit card and debit card brands, adhering to their compliance and regulations. 

Here are our services:

Cash Discount Program

With the help of a cash discount program, you can eliminate credit card processing fees that can add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. We accommodate all credit card brands and help you be PCI compliant. 

Gift and Loyalty Programs 

The cash discount program can use gift card processing with a more modern twist. By offering electronic gift cards, we help attract new customers, build your brand, increase sales, and reward customer loyalty. The program does not require a large investment and can be applied to all businesses, small or large. There is no manual tracking required, and every time a gift card is issued or used, you will receive detailed reports so that you can monitor them with ease.

Credit Card Processing

CashDiscountProgram.com’s clients receive cutting-edge POS technology that provides scalable services according to your company’s needs. Credit card terminals will be integrated seamlessly in the form of POS hardware or software. All types of payments, including mobile, telephonic, and online, are supported and integrated seamlessly.

Point of Sales (POS) System

POS systems make it very easy to process a card transaction. Our POS solutions are incredibly easy-to-use, reliable, safe, and secure, and we are always available to resolve your queries in case of any problems. 

Mobile Payments and Countertop Payments 

CashDiscountProgram.com can also be used with our mobile device service and enable you to eliminate fees while processing credit card transactions on iOS and Android mobile devices. We also offer surcharge programs through countertop payments. 

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While following strict card brand rules, we eliminate all interchange fees for business owners by implementing a compliant cash discount program that offers a discount for cash purchases. Staying within the regulations, CashDiscountProgram.com merchants process payments efficiently and cost-effectively, ultimately eliminating all credit card processing fees and monthly fees. Our FREE credit card processing equipment automatically calculates the transaction cost so your business can eliminate this fee!

Give us a call today; let’s get to discussing how we can help your business reduce your merchant fees.