Dual Pricing

The concept of businesses offering their customers dual pricing has been available at gas stations for well over a decade. With CashDiscountProgram.com, business owners can benefit from the advantages that a dual pricing program has to offer.

Businesses that offer dual pricing can eliminate their credit card processing fee no matter how a customer chooses to pay. This gives the customer options on how to pay while.

What Is Dual Pricing with Credit / non pin Debit Cards?

Dual pricing with credit / debit cards is a simplified merchant processing feature. It provides both a cash price and a credit / non pin debit card price to your customers. This allows them to make a decision on which payment method they prefer to use.

By putting the decision in the hands of the consumer, it discloses both pricing options available. Meanwhile, as the business owner, you can still retain 100% of the price for each product you sell, regardless of the payment method that a customer selects unless the customer pays with a debit card and enters their pin.

Previously, dual pricing was limited by POS software and the processing costs imposed on each transaction. Now through CashDiscountProgram.com, businesses can choose a dual pricing program and avoid getting saddled with processing fees.

Why Should You Offer Dual Pricing as a Cash Discount?

For businesses, the biggest benefit of dual pricing is that there is no need to worry about rising credit / debit card processing costs. Businesses will profit from all transactions as if their customers were all paying with cash. Compliance fees, transaction fees, and all other fees for accepting credit / debit cards will be a thing of the past.

The cash discount program through CashDiscountProgram.com does not charge merchants for the processing of credit card or debit card payments. That means a zero processing fee, which saves you money. Every time a customer checks out, they will decide their payment method at the POS (point of sale). The businesses POS equipment  keeps a total of the cash price and the regular price, while the itemized receipt lists the prices.

Since a cash discount can encourage customers to use cash to get rewards, many will select it to save more money. Regardless of how a customer pays, you will not incur more fees.

Companies that take advantage of these benefits will keep more profit while providing saving options to customers. The team at CashDiscountProgram.com can help you decide if dual pricing is the right decision for your business.

In the past, accepting payments via credit cards / debit cards came with an extra costs. Now your business can use a cash discount program to eliminate these fees from every credit or debit purchase. Instead of card associations imposing their fees, you can keep things under control and get all the profits you deserve from selling your products.

Given the circumstances of today’s economy, it’s a smart strategy that benefits everyone while keeping prices transparent for customers, giving them options, and letting your company thrive. Sign up for dual pricing today through CashDiscountProgram.com!