Eliminate All Credit Card Processing Fees

CashDiscountProgram.com will enable your business to accept credit cards without paying any merchant service fees.

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Saving merchants money since 2004

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Eliminate All Credit Card Processing Fees

The CashDiscountProgram.com will enable your business to accept credit cards without paying any merchant service fees.

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Saving merchants money since 2004

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Cash Discount Program

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For years all business owners have experienced a shift from cutomers using cash to now preferring credit card payments, which are now the primary form of payment for most businesses. As a result, the high expense of accepting credit cards and the expense of processing fees are now unavoidable. However, with cash discount programs, businesses will eliminate their credit card processing fees through the application of a true cash discount, dual pricing or a surcharge program. These zero cost credit card processing programs allow any business owner to eliminate the expense of credit card processing fees even if customers are making purchases with a credit card or debit card.

Cash discounting is a relatively new concept and helps most businesses lower the swipe fee and the financial burden of the processing cost of all your customers. Here, we explain how we eliminate the processing costs of card fees by complying with payment card networks, allowing you to receive a discount amount that drastically reduces any additional fee associated with a customer purchase. You can expect the profit margins of your revenue to increase, even if you have few cash customers and most sales are done with debit card transactions.

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How Do Merchants Benefit from the Program?

Cash discount processing utilizes cash discounts or a surcharge fee to eliminate merchant fees charged by credit card companies to businesses that accept credit card transactions or debit card transactions. A true cash discount program is compliant in all 50 states. When using cash discounting, business owners eliminate fees associated with accepting credit and debit cards as payment. As your merchant services provider, CashDiscountProgram.com will eliminate your processing cost on your entire monthly processing volume when you accept credit cards. Your business would benefit by incentivizing cash paying customers by having no additional fee for a cash payment and posting a higher credit price for credit card transactions. In this way, our merchant services provider can use surcharge programs or cash discounting to implement a Zero Cost Processing Program.

Credit card processing costs are reduced or eliminated helping you increase your net income every time you accept purchases from customers paying with credit or debit cards by offering cash discounts. Most merchants believe payment processing costs could only be diminished by reducing the amount of fraud risk, using an address verification service, and negotiating with credit card processors by lowering rates. Instead, now you can use cash discount programs to reduce the merchant processing fees of every credit card transaction. With cash discount merchant services, there are legal credit card processing programs that save money with little to no credit card fees. Instead of card processing fees being entirely uncontrolled and defined by credit card companies, finally, you can reduce or eliminate merchant monthly fees through a surcharge or legal cash discount program.

Our team will implement a merchant account including a surcharge program or true cash discount program to eliminate or dramatically reduce the cost of every credit card transaction from customers who don’t carry cash and prefer to make credit card payments. Surcharge programs will waive the fee to the customer for payments with debit cards. We consult with business owners to identify your needs and create a merchant account based on the type of cash discounting program or surcharge program that works for you. This way, your business receives a surcharge, cash discount or zero cost credit card processing program that makes sense which will eliminate credit card fees and possibly offer no fee for a customer using a debit card.

The cash discount program and surcharge programs that we offer have no monthly fee and no merchant service fees. Implementing a cash discount program comes with no hidden fees or overhead costs, as this defeats the purpose. The financial burden of accepting credit card payments when using a legal cash discount program is borne by all your customers. Cash customers pay a cash price with no additional fee and credit card paying customers pay a credit price. Debit card purchases are made with no surcharge fees. The program is provided with efficient and transparent solutions that eliminate credit card processing costs.

Cash discount programs eliminate rate increases and do not take advantage of the business owner. With our credit card processor, cash discounts are provided by displaying a cash price for a cash payment. What makes a cash discount program legal is two separate prices posted. Rate increases are now changed where the customer pays the rate when using a credit card. These rates won’t have volatility or change year by year. You can then give customers the option to pay in cash or card, where they receive a discount for cash purchases. This is what makes a cash discount program work, and makes cash discount legal.

Instead of wasting money on expensive credit card processing fees every month, you can increase your revenue with the help of a cash discount program or surcharge program. Your business will reward customers for paying in cash by offering them a discount through this program while saving your business money. Surcharge fees offset credit card processing costs with a flat fee charged to card paying customers. This way, even if you are a small business owner you will have more revenue to allocate in your business, helping you be more successful by enabling you to compete with larger companies with more affordable prices.

How Do I Pay Zero Dollars in Monthly Processing Fees?

When implementing a cash discount program or surcharge programs, your credit card processing fees will be reduced or eliminated. With surcharge programs, a service fee is added to credit card payments. We follow the compliance rules of the credit card brands with great detail and adhere to the regulations.

While following strict card brand rules, we are able to eliminate the interchange fees for most business owners by implementing a compliant cash discount program that offers a discount for cash purchases and waiving the fee for customers paying with debit cards. Staying within the regulations will enable your business to process payments more efficiently and in a cost effective manner through cash discounting, ultimately reducing or eliminating card processing fees and any monthly fees.

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What exactly is a Cash Discount Program?

Cash discounting gives customers who pay in cash a discount at the cash register. A merchant can either list items with two different prices, one price for credit card purchases and one price for cash payments, or you can simply apply a discount at the register. With cash discounting, the amount of the discount is normally the same amount as a credit card processing fee would be. For example, if your credit card processing fee is 3.0%, your cash discount would also be 3.0%. This is how cash discount programs incentivize customers to use cash. It is a way to promote your business and save the customer money when they pay with cash.

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What Is the Difference Between a Cash Discount Program and a Surcharge Program?

A cash discount program gives people a discount every time they pay with cash. A surcharge program charges a customer a fee every time they pay with a credit card but no fee for debit cards. That small fee is generally based on the credit card processing fee. For example, if a person bought a $5 item and the credit card processing fee was 3%, the cashed discount would be $0.15.

In 2010 Congress passed a law called Dodd-Frank. The bill was designed to protect consumers from unfair bank practices. Part of Dodd-Frank was to legalize cash discount programs in every state. Several states forbid surcharge programs including Connecticut and Massachusetts.

So What Are The Advantages of CashDiscountProgram.com?


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Benefits from a Cash Discount Program

Merchants benefit from cash discounting because customers love the idea of saving money and getting a discount, even if it is just a small amount. If you have many competitors in your area, a cash discount will give them a reason to come to your store instead of going anywhere else. For example, if you own a gas station or convenience store, it might be hard to incentivize customers with the products you sell because the products you sell will be so similar to your competitors. However, if you offer a $0.10 off per gallon of gas or $0.15 off of every cup of coffee, customers will have a good reason to come to your store.

A cash discount program helps your business. You will automatically make a repeat customer when you offer a discount for paying the old fashion way.

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Benefits of Using a Surcharge Program

Many people get their paycheck directly deposited into their bank and pay for everything using their debit or credit card. Hence, it would be very difficult for a business to operate if it did not accept credit and debit cards.

When you use CashDiscountProgram.com, you will be able to accept all major credit cards and save money. Your customers will always be pleased when they come to patronize your business and you offer many options for payment.

When you have a surcharge program in place, you will save thousands of dollars a year in credit card processing fees. You will encourage your customers to use cash while still offering the convenience of using a credit card if they choose to. If you use our services, you will receive free credit card processing equipment. If you decide it isn't good for you, you can cancel at any time. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you work with us.

Cash Discount Program

You can be in control of your business with the help of a cash discount program that allows you to save money on credit card processing fees. These fees add up to hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. We provide a variety of different approaches to help you be legally compliant with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cash discount guidelines.

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How to Implement a Cash Discount Program

Money Bills

When you want to give your customers a discount for paying with cash, you can simply sign up with cashdiscountprogram.com and we will get you started. We have customer service representatives standing by to assist you.

Payment Processing Terminal

We will provide you with equipment at no cost, which will enable you to give your customers the appropriate discount at the time of sale.

Pay With Your Card

CashDiscountProgram.com will determine an appropriate cash discount amount. Normally, the processing fees will be between 3% and 4% depending on the amount of your average credit card sale.

Receive Discounts Badge

We will provide you with the proper signage to post at your business stating the amount of the discount customers will receive when they pay in cash. You can post it on the door of your shop or at the point of sale. If you participate in a surcharge program, you will have to post the amount of the surcharge at the point of sale.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We love the Zero Cost Processing Program. It has saved our small business close to $800 per month in processing fees.”

– Rina

Da Pietro Hair Studio, New York, NY

“Your company has been giving us extraordinary service since we started. Every call and email is handled promptly and efficiently. We are very happy to be processing with such a professional company and using the Zero Cost Processing Program.”

– Sona

Toka Madison Hair Salon, New York, NY

“I love CashDiscountProgram.com and I am very happy with the services. The savings is amazing!”

– Kree

Chris Chase Salon, New York, NY

“Your Zero Cost Credit Card Processing Program has saved my restaurant over $2000 a month in processing fees. Whenever I need customer support, I get connected with a live representative immediately. Thank you for the great service.”

– Marzouk Mosaed

Pronto Pizza, New York, NY

“My fast-food business has eliminated credit card processing fees with this program. Every small business should be on this program. ”

– Alec

Mike’s Bagels, New York, NY

“My small business saves thousands of dollars every month with your program. Your customer support is fantastic. ”

– George

Carvel, Queens, NY

“I’m thrilled with the program - it’s saving me thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees. Thanks so much, CashDiscountProgram.com team!”

– Jared J.

Franchise Owner, Syosset, NY

“Our clients understand and have accepted the small additional fee added to their credit card transactions. Our salon has now totally eliminated all credit card processing fees.”

– Gabor Salon

New York, NY

“We cannot express how happy we are with being back with CashDiscountProgram.com. We see a large saving with your program in respect to our other credit card processor. It is easy and convenient to use.”

– Maria Berardi

City Transit Mix, Jamaica, NY

“Our business has been on the Zero Cost Credit Card Processing Program now for several years and it has saved our business thousands every month and their customer support it top notch.”

– Vince

Village Taylor NYC, New York, NY

Person Filling Out Compliance Paperwork

Why Compliance Is Important

Credit card laws are always changing. With cash discounting or surcharging, the law may require a credit card accepting business to give its customers a notice of rate changes. CashDiscountProgram.com will help your business stay apprised of all changes to credit card processing laws. We handle credit card processing for you and we stay informed of changes to laws regarding cash discounting programs, surcharges, and the fees that can be charged.

If the surcharge program or cash discounting program you use is not compliant, or if you do not post charges clearly and in compliance with the law, you may upset your customer. Cash discounting and surcharging can be implemented legally when our team establishes the appropriate merchant account for your business.

The cash discount program that you use can use gift card processing using a more modern approach. This comes without the paper gift certificates and offers the more successful electronic gift card. These gift card programs don’t require a large upfront cash investment and can be applied to any business size. There is no manual tracking required, and every time a gift card is issued or used, you will receive detailed reports so that you can monitor them with ease. This will help you attract new customers, build your brand, increase sales, and reward customer loyalty.

Your cash discount program will incorporate flexible ways to introduce cost-effective approaches regardless of the industry that you are in. You receive cutting-edge POS technology that provides scalable services according to your company’s needs. A cash discount will be integrated seamlessly in the form of POS hardware and software. You will also be able to accept transactions that don’t require a credit or debit card. Mobile payments can also be accepted in your cash discount program.

  1. Point of Sales (POS) System
    • This is one of the solutions we have available for you and can be incorporated using cash discounting. You can try any of our modern Point of Sale systems, making it easier to run a company through cloud-based solutions. Our options include a smart register system that has enhanced security. We have cost-effective solutions that provide tools to improve business decisions and include cash discount programs on the system.
  2. Mobile Payments and Countertop Payments
    • Cash discounting can also include a Mobile service and help you to offer a discount even if you are doing credit card processing on iOS and Android mobile devices. We also offer surcharge programs through countertop payments.

For cash payments that are mostly virtual, we can help you increase your revenue for your e-commerce business through a special merchant account. This account will be designed to provide you a reduced service fee on cash payments. Cash discounting can help you process transactions over the internet with complete end-to-end processing services. It will be created to accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Your cash discount program will include complete training and set-up from beginning to end, making it very simple and quick to begin.

  1. Virtual Terminals
    • Cash discounting can be set up to include special tools that help online payments. For example, our gateway program improves business processes through the use of a virtual terminal, hosted payment pages, recurring billing, and other tools. Shopping carts can be integrated to help improve the customer experience and reduce credit card processing fees. Cash discount programs will include Level 2 and Level 3 processing to help you reduce the cost of interchange rates. This is especially useful for small business owners who haven’t gotten their transactions qualified yet for Level 2 and Level 3.

Cash discounting helps reduce the high risk associated with merchant accounts and their services. In general, business owners can expose credit card processors to the liability of potential credit card fraud. You may or may not need a high-risk merchant account when accepting credit cards, but with a cash discount program, we will review your business and help identify the factors that may make you a high-risk merchant. We can prevent credit card processing companies from holding your funds for months at a time and reduce your risk from credit card companies keeping significant percentages of your cash deposits to help reduce their risk, while implementing a cash discount program. This may apply to you if you are:

  • Solely an e-commerce business
  • Have a business in a highly regulated industry
  • Provide a subscription-based or recurring fee service
  • Have a merchant account with bad credit
  • In a business industry with a high occurrence of fraud or chargebacks

Your cash discount program can also provide a business cash advance that can be repaid as a percentage of all your credit card sales. You can pay off your merchant cash advance when sales are high but also provide low payments when sales are slow. Combined with cash discounting, this program is very flexible and has no fixed time frame or payments, making it easier to expand your business without suffering from significant debt.

Get Additional Guidance on What Cash Discount Program Works Best For You

You can reduce the cost of credit card processing fees and simplify every debit or credit card transaction with the help of cash discounting programs. We work with you to identify your needs and figure out a solution to help you slash the cost of burdensome credit card fees. Because we are flexible, innovative, and incorporate the latest technology, we put your business ahead of the curve and make you more competitive. Even if you are a high-risk merchant account, we have cash discount solutions for you that will improve your business processes. To get started, contact a cash discount program representative today to learn how you can reduce your credit card processing fees to zero dollars or little to no cost.

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