Free Point of Sale (POS) System

We have all heard that good things in life are never free, but what if we tell you a Point of Sale (POS) system can be? 

POS systems can get very expensive when adding special features and  when you are just starting out or are a small business, even the smallest of expenses matter. We understand that investing in a POS system may not seem lucrative, or perhaps your business just cannot afford it right now. If any of this rings true, then we have the perfect solution for you!

Free point of sale (POS) systems are available for merchants who want a dependable way to track their business activities. They are cost-effective and provide top-of-the-line technology that can help keep your business on track. free POS systems are available and they can still be custom-tailored like their more expensive counterparts. Free doesn’t mean cheap, and there’s no compromise on quality or services. 

You can learn more about how these free POS systems can be obtained and applied to your business by speaking to our helpful team. Contact today. 

Free POS

Benefits of a Free Point of Sale System 

While anything free is excellent, there are a plethora of other benefits you can look forward to from a free POS system – 

Cutting Edge Hardware

There is no compromise on quality; we can assure you that. Even when it’s a free POS system, it is still state of the art and uses the latest in specialized software. It incorporates cloud-based reporting, seamless integration with online purchases, and other internet-friendly options. 

User Friendly 

Our free POS systems are designed for small and large businesses and for business owners who are not already trained on POS systems. These systems are easy to understand and you don’t need to spend hours  training or navigating complicated dashboards—a breeze to use while still bringing all the necessary features that you need to run your business.  

Inventory Management

Whether you need basic tracking or a complex method, inventory management can be managed through our free POS system this will allow employees to see what is in stock and when new shipments are arriving. 

Employees can also check if online items are available through the free POS system. Managers can identify which items need to be ordered and restock them more efficiently when stock is low. 

Customer Loyalty Programs

Building brand loyalty is essential and every business owner knows that recurring customers is your business’s bread and butter. Most important is keeping your customers happy with your POS systems. Our POS system includes sophisticated features such as customer loyalty programs. You can set up these rewards for repeat customers and assign them points for every eligible purchase. You can also create a tier membership system and keep track of your customer profiles every time they come in to shop. 

Employee Management

Labor expenses are a significant part of every business. The time and energy spent on managing the staff and resources spent on monitoring attendance, shifts, and salaries can be reduced to a certain extent with your POS system. 

Scheduling can be set up through this POS system, shifts can be edited, added, and deleted. You can also set up lunchtimes, training sessions, and meetings. Our POS system can also allow you to review the activity of each employee that was logged into the system. This allows you to see what sales were made and whether there were any significant profits or losses for an individual employee. 

Access Your Data From Anywhere, Anytime

You can integrate your POS system into a cloud database which will allow you to manage it remotely.  This is great for managers who may not be at the business location or for a business owner whom managers depend on for help while they are away.. Data is secure, accessible from anywhere and anytime. If a POS system is stolen, becomes broken, or is damaged in a natural disaster, the data will still be safe. 

It is also great for businesses that have multiple locations. You can view what is happening in real-time at other places, allowing employees to check the stock of desirable items at another location. 

Real-Time Reports on Sales, Labor, and Products

POS systems are designed with very high-quality software, despite their price. You can obtain sales, labor, and produce reports based on customer spending and staff activities. This will help you create new deals, plan special events, and make room for a larger inventory for more popular items. Items that don’t perform as well,  can be identified, allowing you the opportunity to remove the product or figure out what is preventing its success. These helpful insights make all the difference in making or breaking a business. 

What You Get With Cash Discount Program

Whether you are a restaurant, self-service kiosk, retail store, online service provider, or B2B marketplace, a POS system works for every business. 

Partner up with the team at Cash Discount Program to get: 

  • An all-in-one POS system
  • Compatibility with different interfaces, including iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Additional options to choose from
  • Premium customer service
  • Help from an experienced and skilled team
  • A system that manages the payment, CRM, loyalty and rewards, multiple stores and provides analytics

You can learn more by speaking to a representative that understands your industry’s needs. They can review your business processes and help you design a system that can improve your sales. You can call the team at for additional information today.