Zero Fee Processing

We can’t help but rush after any service that has “free” or “zero” in it. The same is the case with Zero Fee Processing, which essentially provides payment options to your customers that include responsibility for the transaction fee. This way, you can boost your bottom line and get a leg up over your competitors. 

Not only can customers benefit from this program, but business owners could also save themselves a ton of money. We have helped many businesses avoid merchant fees, saving thousands of dollars every year. If you have any additional queries, feel free to call the staff. Our highly responsive, trustworthy, and experienced team will do its best to help you and your business.

Here is all you need to know about zero fee processing.

Zero Fee Processing

What is Zero Fee Processing?

Credit card processing fees can be exorbitantly expensive; no surprises there. This can prove to be burdensome for small business merchants, who are forced to pay a whopping $80 billion a year collectively. Zero processing fee to the rescue! 

Zero fee processing allows you to add a cost to credit card payments so that your business doesn’t have to pay the transaction fees for each credit card sale. To help implement this program, your business will also offer customers a discount for paying with cash to allow them the option to pay less. This would end up benefiting both your customers and your business!

Versions of this program are available in all states and it is quickly gaining popularity in all industries! 

Benefits of Zero Fee Processing

The prime benefit of zero-fee processing is that your business would save a ton of money since several types of fees would be eliminated. Don’t believe us? Here are all the fees you won’t be required to pay as a part of the program. 

  • Batch Fees: This fee is charged on a per batch basis and is applied each time your credit card processor closes out your merchant account.
  • Swipe Fee: This fee is applied each time a credit card transaction is made. 
  • Monthly Fees: These flat fees are charged every month by the processors for their services.
  • Interchange fees: The largest portion of overall merchant account cost, Interchange Fees are paid through to the card issuer.  In the past, your merchant service provider would require the business to pay this fee each time your customer uses a debit or credit card. They would deduct it through your merchant account.  But not when a business implements a Zero Fee Processing solution.

In addition to this, you’d also enjoy the following benefits –

All Card Brands Are Accepted 

You will be able to accept any major card brand globally.  You won’t be disappointed, as all card types can be processed with zero fee processing. 

No Increases in Rate

You won’t experience a rise in the fees every other year. Instead, there would finally be a consistency in the rate for credit card processing. 

How Does Zero Fee Processing Work?

Quite simply, Zero Fee Processing implements a Cash Discount Program or a Surcharging Program, depending on which state that the business is located in.  Each state has a different set of rules that a business should adhere to in order to stay compliant.  Both programs involve a business enrolling in a merchant program that automatically assesses the transaction cost and passes it along to the cardholder.

What You Should Know Before Using Zero Fee Processing

Before you venture into the zero-free processing programs, you should know a few things to avoid making mistakes. Here is everything you should know before you dive into this program: 

Surcharges Are Not The Same As Discounts 

If you’re confusing surcharges and cash discounts to be the same thing, you won’t be the first one to do that. They are as different as apples are from oranges. Surcharges range between 3% to 4% and are essentially additional percentages fixed to a purchase. 

On the other hand, cash discounts are concessions to customers in which you discount the amount of total purchase if they choose to pay with cash. 

Adding a Surcharge Fee for most Debit Transactions Is Non-Compliant

Another fun fact about surcharges is that these are only meant for credit card purchases and not debit card purchases. This means, if you sneakily charge a surcharge amount on a debit card purchase, it would not be compliant to the terms of the credit card’s processors. 

We will strongly dissuade you from doing this if you want to stay in compliance. Ensure that your POS system is set up to make the surcharges only applicable for credit card purchases. 

The Program May Not Work For Everyone 

Zero fee processing does not work for every business. It could prove counterproductive for some businesses for a variety of reasons.  Please talk to your representative for more insight into the types of businesses that are not good candidates.

Examine The Market and Competitors

Before you indulge in this venture, it’s best to research the market and check your competitor’s prices and surcharges (if any). You don’t want to have a higher price for your product than your competitors because of a high surcharge.  

If you’re an independent business owner with annual revenue of between $200,000 – $50,000,000, you could use unique credit card processing services from! 

We provide merchant services all across the United States and work with any business that accepts credit cards. If exorbitantly high merchant fees are giving you sleepless nights, then contact our firm to learn how you can avoid paying such high prices with no cost or outlay on your part. 

More About Getting Started With Zero Fee Processing

Zero fee processing is indeed something every business owner should consider.  There are several options to choose from. If you need assistance in weighing your options, call now, and learn more about how you can get started with zero fee processing. Our company would help you out every step of the way. With us, you can avoid paying any merchant fees.