Restaurant POS System

There’s no arguing that the hospitality industry is cutthroat. With the speed of automation and in the age of digitization, if a restaurant owner sticks to the old manual methods of billing and keeping track of expenses, the business will suffer, and customers will dwindle, with no two opinions about it. 

While adopting new systems can be scary, there are some additions that offer so many tangible and intangible benefits in the long run that they are truly worth it; one of them is a POS – Point of Sales system. With a proven track record, it improves business processes and the overall efficiency of the restaurant staff. 

However, as important as a POS system is to a business, deciding the vendor and sales support of the system is equally vital. The team at provides you with an end-to-end solution where a POS system is concerned and is always just a call away if you run into any troubles or require help. We install it for you, monitor the progress, help impart training to you and your staff, and have an outstanding and helpful customer service team on standby. 

If you are still on the fence, read on more about how a POS system can absolutely transform the way you conduct your business. 

What is a Point of Sale System?

A restaurant POS software is a point of sale system that aids in the processing of transactions. When it was freshly invented, it only used to be able to take orders and print a receipt, but times have thankfully changed. The system has quickly become a complete restaurant management system by incorporating inventory management, payroll solutions, reporting and analytics, customer relations management, loyalty programs, and different payment options. 

Since most systems are cloud-based, it works both offline and online, meaning even if you are not connected to the internet, the POS will not stop functioning. Additionally, most restaurant POS systems also feature portable tablets or contactless dining to offer convenience and reduce ordering time. 

Sounds Good; How Does It Benefit My Restaurant? 

This is a valid question and one of the most common ones that we get. Allow the experts to shed some light on why installing a POS system has become crucial to a restaurant’s success: 

Inventory Management Software

Forget making cumbersome spreadsheets, painstakingly counting every item, keeping track of invoices to vendors. Now imagine a system that does all this for you. POS systems are designed to accurately list all the items in stock in the kitchen and in storage so that the manager will know when it is time to restock necessary items. If they notice something is not in stock and won’t be replenished promptly, they can let all the servers know that the menu item is unavailable. This way, customers are immediately alerted when they cannot order a specific food or drink. 

Menu Management

Menu management is one of the critical aspects of POS systems. For every dish, unique imagery is used to help customers and servers distinguish between every item. The display system is crisp and attractive. 

Another great element is that if you have multiple chains, making changes in the menu can be easily done with a simple click. You can maintain consistency and continue running your restaurant while incorporating new dishes without worrying about other semantics. 

Floor Plan Management

This feature allows restaurant managers to customize the restaurant floor plan. They can split checks, move tables around, and also plan for events. The restaurant manager can move parties around and plan ahead for big groups. Servers can also bill every dish ordered in real-time by each table. 

Payroll Management 

A POS System also doubles as payroll management software. Staff can check-in, mark their absences, making it easier for staff scheduling. It creates a visual way to manage and type in when the team is available, allowing you to provide stellar service and organize everything a lot more smoothly. 

Accurate Analysis and Reporting

When you put in efforts, they are rarely worth it until there are tangible results. The POS system is designed to provide you with different analyses that can tell you the most popular dishes on your menu, peak time, sales reports, comparison between your various outlets, wait time, average turnover per table, and much more. 

The best part is that the software is customizable to your needs. After being armed with so much information, it helps owners make informed decisions about what they should sell on their menu and when to provide special deals. Owners can maximize their profits by appealing to their customers and improving their experience. 

Customized Permissions

One of the most common concerns owners have is maintaining the confidentiality of sales and sensitive information from their staff. When you add in each employee, you can customize what they are allowed to see and manage. This way, too much employee access to the system doesn’t cause you to lose profits and prevents theft. You can also incorporate a secured ID card that authorizes their access to the system. 

Another problem that owners deal with is tracking cash. However, a POS system always requires a dollar amount before the cash drawer is opened. Every cash payment, no sale, and void transactions are documented on the POS system. 

With the Times

Contactless technology is the way to go. With POS systems, you can integrate EMV compliant terminals with NFC tap-and-go technology and can facilitate touch-free payments. POS systems also allow seamless contactless ordering through a QR code and can track online orders that come in through multiple apps. 

Additional benefits are incorporating loyalty points, seasonal offers, and gift cards to go with payment options. This helps reward loyal customers and attract potential ones as well!

Custom Tailored for Your Business

We understand that one-size-cannot-fit-all. POS systems can be customized to cater to your business and operations. For example, you can add a kitchen printer, online ordering, menu customization, among other unique features. POS systems can provide in-house payroll software, making employee salaries easier to manage. You can also include customer loyalty programs, such as a point system for every time a customer dines at your location. Kitchen display systems, self-serve kiosks, and guest displays are other great integrations that you can consider. 

Partner With Cash Discount Program For POS Needs

The next question that can pop up in your head is, why partner up with the team at to install POS systems? Let us list out the benefits: 

  • We work with many companies that provide POS systems, meaning you ALWAYS get the right fit as per your business model and needs. 
  • WE INSTALL the POS system integrated with our Take Charge Cash Discount Program, meaning more savings and less headache. 
  • Our team of experts is always just a call away. 
  • Incredibly helpful and skilled customer service. 
  • Saving of time and resources with a POS system, with savings in credit card fees!

In case you are still unable to make up your mind, we’d love to chat with you, schedule a call with us, and we will explore options about what we can do for you.